About Us


OSHEM C was founded by Thabo Stephen Monyamane Snr in 1996, as an occupational safety health and environmental consultancy company. It was later accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training under TVD in 2007 as a technical and vocational training provider. OSHEM C pride itself with an outstanding track record, of providing world class services to blue chip, multinationals, local authorities and parastatals in Lesotho and in the Region. With SHEQ management as the core of our business we assist companies reduce their Operational risk, increase productivity and compliance by following a simple three-step process know as ACT – Audit, Consult and Train. This has been evident in the past years whereby OSHEM C received three international awards.DIPLOMA PROGRAMME NOW ON


  • To assist companies to identify, evaluate and control their occupational risks, resulting in an enhancement of productivity
  • To promote loss control management practices and prevention of occupational illnesses and disease in industries
  • To act as a general advisory body on all occupational health and safety matters in Lesotho

Mission Statement

  • To pledge our knowledge, skills and ability to the promotion of SHE Management in al its facets
  • To demonstrate the highest degree of professional conduct and integrity
  • To maintain a responsible commitment to the well-being of community and environment in which we operate
  • Lesotho First in all our endeavours


To cultivate Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management cultre and practice in our industry, till Lesotho becomes a green and attractive pasture. Also be acknowledged for our Global Competitive SHE Management Training Programmes that produce specialised Professionals who are marketable.